2205, 2018

Behind The Mask

For the past few months I’ve been fighting a battle with myself. As most of you have noticed by now, I’ve not shown my face on the start line for a while, and I’ve been relatively absent from the world of social media as well. Nothing’s been a done deal, but now the time has come to announce that I’m taking a break from professional [...]

611, 2019

The Only Way Out Is Through.

Coming back from an injury is always a personal journey. The pain, the progress, the setbacks, and the eventual recovery. People can watch as you work hard from fall to return; they can empathise and sympathise with how your life has been changed by the outcome, but they can’t feel it with you. During my career I’ve had injuries that have spanned almost the entire [...]

2006, 2019

So, what happened?

It's been a couple of weeks since the surgery on my wrist, and I'm still getting messages asking what actually happened. I realise that aside from some sporadic tweeting while in the hospital, and a fair amount of Instagram storying while I was on the good drugs, I didn't give any real details of the accident. Now I finally have some use of my right [...]

1804, 2019

On The Other Side Of Fear:

The big question I was repeatedly asked in the lead up to the race on Sunday was ‘how are you feeling about being back?’. Each time, I answered that I was happy but nervous. Perhaps, more accurately, I should have said that I was afraid; but that felt like a rather dramatic response to a casual pre-race question. Nervous could encompass a myriad of things. [...]

1204, 2019

Back In The Bunch:

This weekend marks my first time lining up for a road race since I stepped off the bike over a year ago. I genuinely thought I’d never say that. I was reluctantly convinced not to call it a retirement in case I wanted to go back to racing in the future, but this felt unnecessary to me at the time. I was done. Physically and [...]

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Words for others

Stumbling Over Rocks

As I hiked my way up a climb far too steep and muddy to ride on a gravel bike, stumbling over rocks and tangled vegetation, at the end of an eight-hour ride, in complete darkness, [...]

Racing The Clock:

At the beginning of the year I announced that I would be back on the bike in 2019 and that I would be riding for Orbea Racing Team. I also said that I would bring [...]

Crossing Over

It’s been a weird six months; weird, but surprisingly great. I’m experiencing the world of ‘real’ work for the first time, and I’m grateful to be a part of lots of exciting projects and doing [...]


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